Sinful Magical Girls, 2022

Virtuous girls are confessing their sins. We are telling you our sinful stories. Just as magical girls are always symbols of love and peace, we formed a group of sinful magical girls embodying the seven deadly sins. By initiating the confessions, we regain the power, reclaim our explanation of the guilt, and carry our evilness. Accompanying this book and website of confessions, I hand-crocheted seven butterfly tops for each girl, drew one text typeface, designed one variable font, and tufted one magic circle rug. Every design element is made by a woman for women. This project celebrates our journey to face our evilness, honoring girlhood in this stupid manhood, and the struggle and pain we have experienced due to our disapproved sins.

Typefaces used are Dolores and Magical 7 Sins designed by JJ; Super Tramp designed by Vivian Dehning