4 Statements, 2019

Typography and package design using quotes from Jan Tschichold, Phil Baines, Beatrice Warde, and Bradbury Thompson.

For each voice, I chose to focus on one element that is being highlighted. For Beatrice Warde, I focused on crystal; for Jan Tschichold, I focused on years; for Phil Baines, I focused on legibility; and for Bradbury Thompson, I focused on the word type. Each distinct voice has a corresponding color. For the folders, the design is based on the unique element that is mentioned in each quote. On the outside of the folders, the element is treated abstractly, and on the inside, the element is being repeated and covered up the whole page. I also used stickers to seal the folders and on the stickers, there are the initials of each typographer. All 12 variations for 4 distinct voices were focusing on one element and all 48 designs constructed the system.

Gill Sans, Times New Roman, Adobe Garamond Pro, and Gotham Rounded